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    Taxidermy in the Modern Age: The Story So Far

    Taxidermy. It is not quite the epitome of cheer as it is primarily death preserved, after all. However, once you get past the icky parts, it is easy to see why the technique (art form?) of animal stuffing survived pretty much throughout human history. Besides, that may just be the very reason it will continue […]

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    Faux Taxidermy: Deborah Simon’s “Flayed Bears”

    A combination of taxidermy, anatomy, sculpture and plush toy, Deborah Simon’s “Flayed Bears” collection certainly borders between grotesque, quirky and beautiful. Although miniature in size at 22 inches, the bears look lifelike and menacing, as captured in these photos by photographer Dan Wonderly. The bears are made from polymer clay, faux fur, linen, embroidery floss, acrylic paint, […]

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    shark taxidermy

    Art Attack: Photographer Klaus Pichler’s “Skeletons in the Closet”

    Photographer Klaus Pichler gives us a quirky look at still life taxidermy as captured in Vienna’s Museum of Natural History. To know more about the story behind the photo series, click this link to read Kerri McDonald’s article posted on <>. But for now, enjoy the photos!!!

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    elk, gazelle and peacock taxidermy, plus zebra skin rug

    What is Taxidermy?

    First of all, it’s not spelled taxadermy. The word taxidermy is derived from the ancient Greek words taxis, which means movement, and derma, which means skin. So when you put the two words together, taxidermy means movement of skin. And yes, usually it’s the skin, and the antlers if any, that is used in modern […]

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